Easter Eggs – Ready


I love doing those projects that use those last bit of yarns. This time simply some pastel eggs using this straight forward pattern here. I used leftovers of  Rico Creative Cotton Aran from LoveKnitting.com. Kids had fun stuffing them. Also I found the way of closing the eggs really good, it was really neat.

Poncho – Number 2


This is the second time I made this Poncho for my daughter. The 1st one has been worn as a Poncho at nursery, a large Jumper as a toddler, a short Jumper as an early teen till with regrets it had to join the pile of too small clothes. I still had the pattern so we agree that a new one will come around, done in a size 14 years this time. My daughter was very pleased and still remembered how she would sit “inside it”, stretching it with her knees, and getting her arms under it. I am surprised Poncho Number 1 survived so many years.

I used the quality Cocoon from Bergere De France that you can also find at LoveKnitting.com The colour is “Cocoon Cuivre” (Copper). Knitted in 6.5 mm needles, and from side to side in one piece, it goes fast, very fast. The pattern is too old to be find on line.


Perfect Fit: DragonScales Mittens

Those mittens fit fabulously on the hands. The increase and decrease create perfect curves on the palm of the hands. The Crocodile stitches bring extra warmth and leave free the fingers for allowing touch screen. Those are now my favorites. They are called DragonScales Gloves. I wish I tried this Pattern from ZarrinHandMade at Love Knitting before Christmas… but there is still next year. Probably good to do as well with a shorter version on the wrist. I used the Quality Ideal from Bergere De France

Only done a photograph of the left mitten I am afraid. I will try to photograph the right one too.

Cedric the Dragon – Arimigumi


Et Voila! My 1st Arimigumi. It wasn’t easy especially because it was in black. The Dragon Pattern is from Katalin Galusz and can be found here at LoveKnitting.com. It is not as neat as seen on the pattern but really pleased with this 1st try. The head looks superbe with the green eyes.

Cup Cake Beanie


Gorgeous Cup Cake Beanie, we would almost eat it. A christmas present that we can only published after being delivered. Pattern was found under LoveKnitting.com at Muffin Hat. Knitted in size 12 months, I used the Quality Ideal knitted in double from Bergere de France.  Ideal is a soft & warn yarn, machine washable – definitively a must for the little one clothes.

For the cherry on the top, I preferred using the free pattern from Ravelry.com that you can found here. It gives a better round shape.


Leaf Tea Cosy to the rescue


It was a last minute request for Christmas. Lynn noticed that Nana Vera’s tea Cosy has well served her. It was time to say Good Bye. Wasting  no time, I found inspiration at LoveKnitting.com by using the Knitted Leaf Tea Cosy Pattern.

Knitted in double using the quality Ciboulette from BergeredeFrance.co.uk and another yarn from Nana Vera’s attic, it took only a couple of hours to be completed. Lovely Soft and Warm, here fitted on my own tea pot.

A nice stoking filler on its way…

Pokemon the return! Eevee Hat


It didn’t take long to receive another request for a Pokemon Hat. This time Eeeve was favorite. The pattern is on the Etsy.com web site and can be seen here. Done in 100% cotton with the quality Rico Creative Cotton – Aran from LoveKnitting.com. The colors used are: Clay & Nature.

This cotton is finer that the one used in the pattern but it was really easy to adjust. Simply adorable.


Pokemon attack! Mudkip Hat


We cannot escape the Pokemon invasion. And so to support our young Pokemon Trainer, I crocheted a Mudkip Hat. Mudkip is a Water Pokemon. The pattern used is from Ravelry.com provided by Monique Wiles, Pokemon Mudkip-Inspired Hat . I have used a finer cotton Rico Creative Cotton Aran from LoveKnitting.com. This cotton is a true pleasure to crochet. On my favoroute list now.

Colours used were: Sky Blue, Light Blue, Orange, White – I had some left overs for the black.

I adjusted the design. It is very easy to adjust a crocheted hat as long as the future owner is available for constant size check. And I doubled the top of the hat to help it to stand-up.

It also takes no time to be made, a couple of hours here and there and here we go. How nice to see the result quickly take shape.

Plaiting your knit


From an original model Bergere de France, the edges of the top is a plait half knitting half plaited. It requires to knit 3 bandes that you plait. The bandes are knitted with 3st knit, 3st purl, 3st knit so they don’t roll when you plait them. It does add a luxurious touch to the top, “tres couture”. The difficulty is sewing and closing the bands together into a cercle. Any suggestions here will be good.

We can’t resist to make some layette


There is something lovely about knitting baby clothes. Mainly for two reasons… One everything that is tiny is “oh so cute”. Two the yarn used is soft and pleasant to knit. There I wonder why we don’t use it more often for grow up knitwear. We can double up, even triple up and give ourselves a chunky soft knitwear. I used the quality “Ciboulette” from Bergere de France and their explanations from the Beanie & Bootees Set (183) and from the Cross Over Top (184) (available in English, French and other languages).