Pokemon attack! Mudkip Hat


We cannot escape the Pokemon invasion. And so to support our young Pokemon Trainer, I crocheted a Mudkip Hat. Mudkip is a Water Pokemon. The pattern used is from Ravelry.com provided by Monique Wiles, Pokemon Mudkip-Inspired Hat . I have used a finer cotton Rico Creative Cotton Aran from LoveKnitting.com. This cotton is a true pleasure to crochet. On my favoroute list now.

Colours used were: Sky Blue, Light Blue, Orange, White – I had some left overs for the black.

I adjusted the design. It is very easy to adjust a crocheted hat as long as the future owner is available for constant size check. And I doubled the top of the hat to help it to stand-up.

It also takes no time to be made, a couple of hours here and there and here we go. How nice to see the result quickly take shape.


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