Poncho – Number 2


This is the second time I made this Poncho for my daughter. The 1st one has been worn as a Poncho at nursery, a large Jumper as a toddler, a short Jumper as an early teen till with regrets it had to join the pile of too small clothes. I still had the pattern so we agree that a new one will come around, done in a size 14 years this time. My daughter was very pleased and still remembered how she would sit “inside it”, stretching it with her knees, and getting her arms under it. I am surprised Poncho Number 1 survived so many years.

I used the quality Cocoon from Bergere De France that you can also find at LoveKnitting.com The colour is “Cocoon Cuivre” (Copper). Knitted in 6.5 mm needles, and from side to side in one piece, it goes fast, very fast. The pattern is too old to be find on line.



2 thoughts on “Poncho – Number 2

  1. Tami - Tanglewood Knots says:

    I can see why she wants another one – this is gorgeous! A perfect example of how you will NEVER find a store bought poncho/jumper/sweater etc as pretty and high quality as this! I love the story of how she would sit inside of it! Reminds me of doing the same kind of thing when I was little! How awesome is it when you can give your children not just a well made piece of clothing but a MEMORY too!!!!! 😀


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